About Me

Let me tell you a few things...

John Doe


I'm an IT Professional, Collaborative Leader and overall Technology Enthusiast. I started my IT career in the US Army where I also learned the importance of team work. I enjoy reading, watching youtube videos of new technology explanations to include web developement tutorials.

Serving As

Field Technical Support Supervisor

IT Supervisor supporting a national pharmacy retail chain with a staff of 16 members throughout the South-East. Leveraging years of project management, product support and leadership experience to accomplish company objectives. Utilizing defined assessment scope to evaluate team members' competencies. Participating in the development and distribution of policies and procedures as necessary.


Leadership,Project/Product Management

Supportive and Coaching Leadership styles drives the sourcing, planning and coordination of current teams' technology activities. Leveraging these styles objectives and initiatives continue to be accomplished within the specified times. Manage new technology projects from initiation to closure to increase effectiveness of customer service and meet stakeholder demands. Partner with internal departments to evaluate, execute, and document best practices. Some example projects we've completed as scheduled are POS Register Upgrades, Dell Server OS/Memory Upgrades, Pharmacy workstation upgrades, Payment device upgrades, Cisco Switch Installs, and software drive builds.

Other Skills

Web Developement

Skills HTML, CSS, Javascript ,Python, GIT. Continuing education is a passionate pursuit of mine. Currently demo projects are hosted on AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Netlify, Heroku, and Render.